Sunday, 29 December 2013

From the Heart

Loved Leandra's Patchwork back ground technic on the Paperartsy website, so I though I would give it a whirl!!

I have never used colour tinting with grunge paste before, so started out with Pansy Fresco's. I started with a piece of cut and dry but felt more comfortable with the spatula

I added each colour and then did the texture as I was worried it would start to dry before I got to all of them, I did random patterns and also used stamps for some.

Finished square, took a while to dry even using the heat gun, so started on the embellishments.

I crackled 2 chipboard hearts and sanded to distress them. I stamped my design on tissue paper and turned the image around so fit my heart better.

Back to the main piece and washed the whole image with a watered down with French Roast and added some stitches, which when I have finished I didn't really like so used a baby wipe to "clean" to whole piece, this seems to give it a more aged look which happily I did like. 

Finished by adding some treasure gold covered flowers and metal embellishments before making a stamped back and boarders with Kraft card, turning it into a wall hanging.

Here are the colours I used.

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Jules x 

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Christmas Wreath


Only 2 weeks to go eek!!!

I have so much to do starting to worry now as I have orders for cards which I haven't started yet so going to be busy next week!

At least today I have made my Christmas wreath, I started with a plain really cheap wreath.

And started using a poinsettia die from spellbinders which I had forgotten about and used some lovely vintage Christmas papers, red & green card to layer up the flower and added gold leaves.

I had wanted some plain pine cones but could only get red ones, so I used gold treasure gold to change the colour of them and was left with a pleasing red/gold effect .

I made some small red bows and a large gold bow from ribbon I bought from Ikea. I have bought loads of ribbon from Ikea as its cheap and you get lots on a reel.

Used hot glue (and burnt myself about 5 times) to stick it all altogether and here is the result.

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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Advent Christmas Tree

Hello again, thought I would share my Advent Christmas Tree, just finished making it today.

It's an MDF tree which I wanted to make into an advent calender, it's double sided.

I really enjoyed making this even though it's taken me ages to make and I was supposed to be sorting out my spare room...... oh well!!!

First I used Frescos nougat and the base and sprayed London Bus and Limelight over the top. I then built up layers using Christmas Stamps and stencils, Frescos and inks. I had a happy accident when I was using my new reverse chicken wire stencil as the paint run underneath, but I really liked the wider effect so left this as it was.

It was at this point I realised I didn't really have many numbers, I had a small die and some chipboard ones but not enough so I had to get creative with what I used.

I made some by covering card with ribbon and twine, thick cardboard and paints, tracing some on to card, using a stencil, gems, circles and punches, grunge paste & paints, white mini pom poms & paints and cutting freehand.

So I could show which date we are on I cut a Paperarsy die in half and glued a mini peg to the back to clip on to correct date. I Finished with a few metal embellishments. 

Love the effect and its going to take center place on the fireplace.

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Fundraising Craftyness


Over the last 3 weekends I have been trying to make as many cards as possible for my friend to sell at a school fair next week! Unfortunately her sister lost the battle to Cancer a few months ago, and she died at the age of just 43 and leaving 3 girls all under the stage of 15!!!

It's a tragic loss for all her family and friends and my friend Hannah is going to run the London Marathon next year in tribute to Sarah her sister who ran it a couple of years ago. The family are trying to raise as much money as they can both in sponsorship for Hannah and to give to cancer charities.

I managed to make 200 cards, mainly Christmas ones for them to sell and I am hoping they will raise a good amount of money. They are going to have other events so I will be continuing my effects over the few months to giver to this great cause.

It's something dear to my heart after 4 years ago I lost my beloved Mum and both Aunties within the space of one year, it was a very hard time but crafting has helped to ease the pain and it's helping me to support my friend through a very rough time!!